Quad Bikes & UTV

800cc Mammoth 4x4 UTV

This is one of the few UTV’s not using a derivative of a motorcycle engine.

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CF110Q Small

The latest generation of the 110cc Dinosaur range.

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CF110Q Medium

This is the perfect quad for the Kids.

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The Crossfire Mustang 270 ATV Evo 2 is one of the best quads on the market at a price which is unrivalled.

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If you’re looking for a quad that can do everything and never let you down, look no further.

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Racks both front and rear give practicality to what is otherwise a sports oriented machine giving you enough power to do whatever it is you need to do.

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IB EAE 150cc Farm Quad 4x2

A vehicle that's very easy to ride and capable of handling harsh terrain. Good for work at very low speed or lots of stopping and starting.

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50cc Meerkat Kids

This is the very latest Meerkat Deluxe Model.

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