CF110cc Auto Kids

This is the latest generation of the 110cc childrens range. This is a fully automatic machine that can be governed to grow with your child. Being a 4 stroke machine they require less maintenance, run on normal petrol, produce less fumes, and are cleaner for the environment. These are a sturdy little bike that even an adult can ride.

The latest tensioning mechanism is the best feature of this quad requiring 20 seconds to adjust the chain. This is due to the fact that you do not require to loosen the hub rather the whole swing arm moves as you tighten the chain. Using this design your chain is always 100% plumb.


  • Full Auto
  • 110cc 4 stroke
  • Key start
  • 6 inch wheel
  • Independent front shock
  • Rear Hydralic disk brake
  • Hard enclosed foot rest

Usually available in these colours – Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow and sometimes Pink.

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