CF110Q Medium

This is the perfect quad for the Kids. It is one of the most stable units on the market. The reason for this is in the extra wide front A-arms (wishbones). We designed it to make it safer around corners and especially at speed.

The Full auto Crossfire Polar 110cc quad is easy to ride just a matter of front and rear
brakes and the throttle to master. But the acceleration can be governed so the machine can progress with your child’s abilities.

There are 3 different ways to switch the quad off:

  1. Key switch
  2. Kill switch on the handle bar
  3. Rip cord kill switch which can be attached to the kids

But don’t take this machine for a slouch it will run loops around our competition with the best handling and the power delivery from the large valve 110cc motor. The completely enclosed foot rest ensure kids feet don’t get into danger protecting from shrubs and
rocks that may come in their path.


  • Full Auto
  • 110cc automatic
  • Key start (Electric start)
  • 7 inch wheels front and rear
  • Dual wishbone independent front suspension
  • Front Drum Brake
  • Rear Luggage Rack (included but not pictures)
  • Rear Hydraulic disk brake
  • Hard foot rest
  • Working front and rear lights (Hi/Lo) beam
  • 60kg Carry capacity

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