CF250cc Manual Sports

The Mustang Evo 2 is a is the best of both worlds a workhorse that can play. It’s a powerhouse 250cc OHC Zongshen motor coupled with a 30 mm carby that gives the Mustang Evo 2 its enormous grunt.

Keeping cool we have an oversized radiator with an automatic thermo fan that cuts in an out as to keep the machine at optimum temperature. Hydraulic disc brakes all round are standard. The speedometer is one of the most comprehensive units fitted with: Fuel gauge,
Speed, Odometer, Distance, RPM gauge as well as a clock . This gives the rider all required information at a touch of a finger tip. The automatic chain tensioner will ensure you ride days and or week before adjusting of the chain is required.

When one has to adjust the chain the ecliptic chain tensioning system guarantees the sprockets are in perfect alignment. In short this is without competition the Crossfire
Mustang 270 ATV Evo 2 is one of the best quads on the market at a price which is unrivalled.

specsPrice: $ 2299

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