CF500cc Auto 4×4

These fully-loaded “utility” quads are more than enough for 95% of users, offering incredible power, great stability and handling, and all the bells and whistles you would look for in a premium ATV. If you’re looking for a quad that can do everything and never let you down, look no further.

Easily compared to the Yamaha Grizzly. However, the Crossfire Rubicon 500cc water cooled model offers many improvements over Yamaha’s design, including a more powerful engine and more durable alloy wheels, all at a lower price!

Reliability is definitely an a important quality of this engine. Many users will be using this ATV in very harsh, remote terrain and for long trips where engine reliability is crucial. Users can rely on this engine to perform through water, mud, snow and other  environmental factors that put stress on inferior engines. The 2010 Rubicon benefits from 2*220mm front ventilated disc brakes with 2 piston calliper and the all new inboard rear disc break giving it unparalleled feel as well as breaking performance.

This ATV features an automatic CVT transmission with Low and High modes for easy use. The Rubicon’s transmission is built into a hardened case and is meant to be abused. It also has double wishbone independent suspension arms on all 4 wheels, making for a silky smooth ride. But more than anything when compared to live rear axel machines this will have 20 cm more ground clearance as there is no trailing differential to reduce clearance. It both protects the diff as well as giving unmatched clearance. Another one of the huge features on the Rubicon ATV is the Four Wheel Drive (4WD) capability. For any true hardcore off-roader this is a must more so improved through its selectable differential lock. This allows the user to flick a toggle switch to activate the front Diff lock.

It’s tough to find a better ATV for your money. Even with a significantly reduced ticket price, the Rubicon doesn’t sacrifice quality and performance compared to other ATVs in its class. Why spend more on a Honda or Yamaha when you get the same and More for a better price?

The fuel tank on the Rubicon 500cc is placed under the passenger seat above the rear differential creating a lower centre of gravity and an all-round better balance. This may not seem important but the large 22L tank will make a difference where it is position and it is not until you are on a side of the hill that you will thank the lower centre of gravity and the sway bar.

This ATV is meant for all conditions and temperatures and has been tested in everything from freezing winter conditions of Canada and US to blistering desert heat of the Australian outback. You can’t go wrong with the ATV and the price is right.


  • Engine: 500cc liquid-cooled engine, single cylinder 4 valve
  • Maximum Power: 34HP
  • Class leading Fuel capacity: 22.0L
  • Drive: Shaft drive, 2×4 & 4×4 switchable
  • Electronic Diff Lock
  • Suspension: Independent, double wishbone. Coil spring, oil-damped
  • Display: LCD speedometer, Time, Trip meter (2), Hour meter (2), Gear Position indicator, Locker indicator+
  • Bumper: front & rear bumper
  • Aluminium Wheels 25*8-12 (Front), 25*10-12 (Rear)
  • Winch 2500 Pound
  • 12 Volt power outlet
  • Hydraulic Disc Breaks front and rear
  • IRS System with elevated differential housing
  • Tow Bar

Price: $ 6599

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