Spotmaster 600L Firefighting Trailer

Spotmaster fire fighting units offer fast response for initial fire outbreaks as well as general property watering and fire protection.

Essential for that emergency situation when sometimes only minutes can make the difference between extinguishing an initial outbreak and an out of control bushfire.

This trailer can be towed by most vehicles.


  • Fully galvanized trailer with Heavy Duty wheels and tyres wired with lights and indicators, jockey wheel.
  • 600L Poly Tank with large screw lid
  • Genquip High Pressure 6.5 hp (twin impeller) pump 1.5 “ 130 psi 3 way head
  • Hose reel with 30m hose and firefight nozzle
  • 8m suction hose
  • Lockable aluminum accessory box
  • All necessary control valves and fittings
  • Trailer Bed Size 2400 x 1200 + 1200 draw bar
  • Total Height 1250mm

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